Thursday, April 13, 2006

Off to the doctor tomorrow!

Posted by Mandy at 8:19 AM
Yikes!! I am so stressed and nervous about my OB/GYN appt. tomorrow! (Friday) I have no idea what he's got in mind to do to me.. that's always a fun feeling isn't it? To make things better I don't think I ovulated at all this cycle. Wonderful! We'll see though... hopefully I'm wrong.

So, T-Ball has taken over my life!! It's sucking up a ton of time and money! Madison is loving it though... but secretely I hope that next year she'll say she doesn't want to play again. She's sooooo ready to play soccer.. if she'd just do soccer and not Tball next year.. I'd be one happy mamma! I might be choosing for her next year.. if I never mention Tball.. maybe she'll never mention it too. I have to say though, the kids are SO cute playing out there. They're so small, have nearly no clue as to what they should do, but try so hard anyway. I'm so proud of Madison.. my typically shy girl.. everytime the coach asks "who wants to go first?" Madison raises her hands really high and waves it like "please, please pick me!" She's one of about two that will volunteer.. that's my girl!

So, my 'baby' will turn 2 years old in 2 weeks, 4 days. (May 1) I could cry thinking of it! How do they grow up so fast?! How do some days seem neverending.. but when you look back it's like it all happened in a flash? Clayton will turn 25 on the 22nd of this month. HOW?! We started dating when he was 16! (almost 17) Life really goes by too fast. Just typing that makes me realize that right now I need to go get in the floor and scribble with Carter, and giggle until I can't breathe, and rock him until he falls asleep in my arms. That's what life is all about isn't it? If that's the truth.. then why do we (in general) spend so much more time stressed about work, the house, how much we've eaten, how tired we are, how busy we are... why not just stop and enjoy life? That's the constant question isn't it? I know it is for me.


Suzanne on Thursday, 13 April, 2006 said...

oh, my gosh, you so made me cry. and my milk came in, sucker! "I need to go get in the floor and scribble with Carter, and giggle until I can't breathe, and rock him until he falls asleep in my arms." ugh, it knocked the breath out of me. i need to go be with my babies now. you're so amazing.

Kristy on Thursday, 13 April, 2006 said...

that is great, mandy. thanks for the sweet reminders of how good we've got it.

no more milk talk, though, suzanne, PLEASE!!!! GROSS!!! :)

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