Friday, April 14, 2006

Dr's appt update

Posted by Mandy at 8:55 PM
Yes, I had my dreaded ob/gyn appt today.. it wasn't too bad. Had an ultrasound which showed that yes, my ovarian cysts are returning, but the good news is as of now they're small and nothing to worry about fertility wise.. though they hurt like crazy. (and they'll just get worse so I need go get pg.. come on body! help yourself here!) Doctor was surprised that we've been trying for almost 6 months now with no result and said that if we don't get pg on the 6th month, he wants me to call and schedule a HSG.. which is basically when they put dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes to check it all out and 'clean' it all out. Even if nothing 'wrong' is found it is a great boost to fertility so it would hopefully help me get pg more quickly. I've heard it is a very painful procedure though... and I'm not sure I'm ready to start medical stuff right now. We'll see what happens the next few weeks. Hoping the next thing I'm scheduling with him is a prenatal checkup and not an HSG! So that's it... basically try one more time, and then give the Dr. a call. Yikes.. that scares me! Clayton basically is just taking care of my emotional needs.. he hasn't really opened up to me today on what he thinks about all of this. (if he thinks much of it at all.. who knows!) He's so laid back that it can be frustrating I tell ya! Oh... AS SOON as I walk in from my dr's appt a friend calls to inform us that he and his wife are pg now. I overheard the conversation and had to go to the kitchen to cry where no one would hear me. Why is it so painful to hear of someone else being pg? How selfish, hu? I am feeling better now, but I guess it was just a really bad time for me to hear that. They tried one month. (which used to be US so it's not like I begrudge them for it!) It's weird how you can be happy for someone but so sad for you. ah well... my time is coming.. I've got to be closer to being pg now than I was 6 months ago right? :) Sorry for all the obsessive pregnancy talk... it's all that's been on my mind today though. Tomorrow is Noah and Gracie's big bday bash so that will be a wonderful uplifter!


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