Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double the C's and Double the S ... in the End You Have Success!

Posted by Mandy at 2:25 PM
When you're walking on unsteady ground, you hate to celebrate out-loud when things become stable. Like you'll jinx yourself or create an earthquake. But, I decided to take a leap of faith and say HOORAY for the world to hear.

One week without major incident. Woop woop!

No lying (that I've caught,) No stealing (that I know of,) and much, much less bragging and "being obnoxious" from 6-yr old "Big Brother."

Social skills are quickly forming and can I get a hallelujah over that one?! Our first few play dates with friends all ended in tears, fights, and me wanting to strangle him. He, of course, looked at me like "What? Me? I didn't do anything wrong." After his restitutions were paid (such as cleaning up all of the toys solo at a friends house, even the ones that were out before we got there in an effort to "be a GREAT guest and make them want us to come back... and to be a HUGE blessing to our friends," he quickly figured out that being the punk-kid that bugs everyone makes ppl 1) not want to play with you and 2) makes your nazi-foster-mom make you make up for it. Lessons learned...

We've now had three play dates that went WONDERFULLY. No fights. No annoying chatter. No lying and making the kids angry.

Things aren't always smooth-sailing amongst the "siblings".. but nothing out of the ordinary. Being stuck together for all of these freak snow-days we've had lately has helped, and made it worse depending on the time of day and what everyone is in the mood to tolerate.

Speaking of.. here are some fun pics of our fun in the snow! See... we do have fun.. it isn't always restitutions and strong-sitting and duct tape... umm... never mind...


Big Brother



Big Brother and Little Brother

Samuel and Little Brother being pulled on our redneck sled

See, we really do love each other... fun in the backyard

Our BFF's and their cuttie-patootie son

This successful snow day was brought to you by friends that bring 4-wheelers...

... and beer.


Reagan on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...

Nazi foster moms are the best. Daring to love and correct children is the best thing!

Hopefully the beer wasn't for the kids. If it was, that might explain why they were getting along better :)

Of course if you drank it all it could explain why they were getting along better--you were too drunk to notice :) Ha ha ha !

Mandy on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...


Honestly I hate beer.. so it wasn't for me! I'll let you decide if it was a factor for the kids.. ;)

Brooke on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...

Woo hoo!!!! I'm loving your blog lately! Thanks for sharing your journey. I passed you along to a friend who is just starting the foster care process.

Mandy on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...

Great Brooke! Hope I can be an encouragement to her!

Living in Taradise on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...

Love this!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day and thank you for your encouragement! I think that fostering after having bio kids is such a brave and selfless act! Blessings to you!

Shell on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 said...

Yay for successful playdates!

I'm ignoring the snow pics...but only b/c I'm hating the snow right now. ;)

Dawn ~ BJSMomma on Thursday, 13 January, 2011 said...

Hi Mandy,
Thank you so much for stopping by "my world"....and your words of encouragement....i read a little in your world, and can not wait to get the moment to "dive in" and read more....nuggets of truth and help will make this momma's life easier at times. I like the perspective you brought on time out. I plan on changing that around. This is our first placement...and will most likely be the only as we are moving into tpr. We go to trial in April. 17 months ago I had no idea that by saying YES to God (a desire Brandon had for our family)...that I would be meeting my new son and daughter. Wow...seems like a lifetime ago....and I guess in their little lives...it has been!
Blessings to you and your family!

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