Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Ready for Emily!

Posted by Mandy at 9:49 AM
Okay, due to the nature of her case, I feel fine saying that "E" is Emily. She is soon to come and stay with us for about two weeks and we couldn't be more excited! Last night, we had the entire girls' cottage (plus house parents) over for supper, and Emily came running out of the van saying, "I'm your family friend!!" She hugged all of us and she and Madison spent several minutes squeeling and jumping up and down. I couldn't help but laugh!

So, to prepare, we are in serious "get Madison's room ready" mode. We've bought matching bedding, and now we are rearranging everything to allow use of the extra closet and to fit another bed. We're still contemplating bunk beds, but for now, we're going to see how two twin beds work. Neither girl is happy about the possibility of sleeping on the top... so until we have foster children here, bunk beds probably won't work out too well.

This is where we've made it so far today:

Basically we've moved her bed from the extra closet (that served as a super cute nook over the past year) and put it onto a side wall. We moved her bookshelf beside the bed, and the plan is to put the other twin bed, on the other side of the bookshelf. I hate that the other bed will be so close to the window, but since we have two walls of her room completely taken up by closets.. we have no other real options as far as where to place beds.

Madison has spent the past hour going through her MOUNDS of books. Sorting out the "baby" ones, as she calls them, and putting the her favorites or the ones she's most excited to read on this shelf, so that we can put the remainder on a different shelf... that I'm still not quite sure where will be placed.
This is the empty space that we are so thankful we have to turn into another closet. I love it because it actually continues back a bit past the door frame - perfect for storing stuff you don't need all of the time.
I'm taking a quick break before we go back and keep working. I'm already exhausted! Getting this project done will be a huge weight off of my shoulders!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this can work bc I can't see the rest of the wall her bed is
on but have you considered putting both beds with the shelf
between them on the wall her bed is now across instead of the wall with the window? Like I said, I don't know if there is space for
that but it would keep one from being in front of the window....

Mandy on Saturday, 29 May, 2010 said...

It's pretty much the same situation - there's a window that's not pictured on the other wall, too. Plus, her closet would be blocked b/c that wall isn't as long as the other... tough to tell with the pics I posted! :)

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