Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Swine Flu Turns Woman into Psycho Mom

Posted by Mandy at 7:46 AM
This could definitely be a headline in a newspaper somewhere about me. This Swine Flu stuff is scary - and for the first time ever - I feel like "one of those" moms.

When I take the kids grocery shopping with me, everyone is required to not touch ANYTHING as I use those great sani-wipes to wipe down the ENTIRE cart. Yes... the handles, the sides, the back, the top, the bottom. Anywhere my kids could potentially touch that someone else has potentially touched. After shopping I grab the same wipes to wipe myself and my children down and after loading groceries into the van, everyone gets hand sanitizer.

I steer clear of everyone... and judge their health mercilessly.

"His eyes look red and watery.."
"Her nose is runny...."
"That kid is awfully pale. Could be genetics, but we'll go the other way just in case..."

I've always been the kind of mom that does my best to keep my kids healthy with good foods, good hygiene, and common sense. But, I've also been the type that firmly believes that killing ALL germs creates sicker people and I've accepted the fact that sometimes kids will just get sick. Dealing with the common cold a couple of times a year is one thing... but now we're talking H1N1.

I just heard on the radio this morning about someone's 5yr old dying from this virus. I keep telling myself two things:

1. People die from the "regular" flu every year, too!
2. God has us...

This is where my faith takes a beating. I really just freak out when thinking of anything happening to my children. I suppose that's normal. It's very hard to remind myself that God also loves my children and that they are HIS. When I see other people's children getting seriously ill or dying, it makes it tough!

So, I will likely remain Psycho Mom for a while. The only way I know to prevent it is simply killing as many germs as I can, even though I know that won't stop my kids from being sneezed on. The new vaccination is NOT entering my kids blood stream. The disease is scary, but this brand new, fast-tracked vaccine is more scary to me. Anyone know the long-term side effects? Oh wait, NO, YOU CAN'T! It hasn't been used long-term, yet!

So, before visiting you will possibly have to fill out some kind of contract stating that you nor anyone in your home has had fever, vomiting, nasal discharge, coughing, or sneezing in the past 4 days. (or should I make that 7 days...)

My house will likely smell similar to a hospital, and I might demand you wash your hands upon entering the door... but, you're still welcome. Well, you know, depending upon the contract as listed above.

Has anyone else surprised themselves and turned into a lunatic over this Swine Flu?


Doug Hibbard on Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 said...

I would comment, but I just sneezed. Holla' back in 4 to 7 days.

Me on Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 said...

Seasonal flu (which H1N1 could become if it doesn't totally die out) is still much worse than swine flu--more deaths, more severe illness in those affected.

Unless you're keeping your kids locked up in the house with no visitors, I don't think you can really do that much to prevent exposure if it's in your area. Kids in schools are a huge germ spreader and there's not much we can do about it.

So far, H1N1 seems to produce noticeable symptoms in few of those infected, and the confirmed cases are mostly still very mild illness. Last I heard, the fatalities may be linked to obesity, which is really odd for a flu, but that was the most common link between deaths. This could be wrong now, but it makes me feel better.

Just tell them to make sure and wash their hands.

Mandy on Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 said...

LOL Doug! Thanks for sticking to my rules! ;)

Allison, that makes me feel so much better! THANK YOU! I hope a lot of ppl read your comment!

Stacie on Tuesday, 08 September, 2009 said...

I have turned into psycho mom too, but if AC wasn't so young (only 4 months now) I probably wouldn't be so psycho. I also heard the facts that "Me" posted and haven't worried as much for KL, even tho I do still worry. I have hand sanitizer in my car and right by the front door. KL must use it before she gets in the car and then wash good with soap and water (hands to elbows at least) upon entering the house from school. I ask anyone that visits to please use it and remind James 1000 times a day to wash his hands (which I am sure he is tired of hearing LOL!) I really did send my neighbors kids away the other day when they stopped in because "Mom is sick. Can we play with KL?" NOPE! I am normally not this bad either tho.

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