Thursday, June 11, 2009

Most Dreaded House Chores

Posted by Mandy at 12:33 PM
a small portion of the yard I've never mowed

Typically, I greatly enjoy cleaning my house. I turn up some music, sing as though no one can hear me, and become just giddy knowing that soon I will sit back and look at my gleaming home. Ahh... nothing like getting project "clean house" accomplished.

There are tasks that I do without even thinking about them. They are constant jobs that I do each day and I neither love doing them nor dislike digging right in. You know the ones: dishes, laundry, cleaning the counters and floors... the things you just must do each day to keep things going.

Then, there are the handful of jobs that I put off, avoid, or simply refuse to do. We all have different jobs that make us feel this way - but they are there none-the-less. Here is my list.

Jobs I Put Off - will do them but put them off as long as possible

1. Dusting - what a project! Take everything off, clean it all, clean the shelves, put it all back. I could do four, more enjoyable, jobs in the same time this takes.

2. Cleaning the Bathtub - Back-breaking, Sciatic-Nerve-Aggravating, job! Love how it looks when finished but I put it off until I simply know I MUST do it.

3. Mopping - Necessary in this house once or twice a week.. but I just hate doing it. Love the smell of the house and the feel of the floor on my bare feet when it is finished, but do not enjoy this one in the least.

Jobs I Avoid - Jobs I pray Clayton will do before it becomes necessary for me to.

1. Cleaning the Microwave - Oh-My-Goodness. I have no idea why I hate this job so much... I just do. I think I have some weird fear that I'll end up getting zapped while using liquids in the microwave or something.. it just makes me uneasy. Not to mention the chili that my husband allowed to explode in there... why should I clean that mess, hu?

2. Organizing the Desk - Our desk is the catch-all of our house. One reason I avoid cleaning it is because Clayton has all kinds of super important State Police papers stacked a mile high on it. Another reason is because he also has papers dealing with other random things stacked a mile high on it. Simply put - it is much too overwhelming. Thankfully, Clayton cleans it if I ask him to or if it bothers him.

Jobs I Refuse to Do - not gonna do it - don't even ask.

1. Mow the Yard - Seriously? Ain't happening. That's a man's job if I ever saw one...

2. Clean Ceiling Fans - They're too high, I'm too short... again, man's work.

3. Take the Trash Out - **see reason #1**

I think that's about it. I typically take care of all of the inside work (minus cleaning ceiling fans and microwaves) and Clayton takes care of outside work. (including anything that is inside but ends up outside, such as the trash.) Any other jobs, (laundry, dishes, cleaning floors and counters, and general CONSTANT clean-up) I'm all over them! I can clean up a spilled bowl of cereal one second and move right to figuring out how to remove gum from my living room carpet the next. I'm a mom.. that's what I do!

What are some of the weird jobs that you hate to do or refuse to do around your homestead?


Stacie on Friday, 12 June, 2009 said...

Like you, I enjoy cleaning my house and understand how weird that sounds, haha! I don't do things outside the house either. Inside is my job, outside is James's job. My bathtub is the one thing that I too put off for as long as possible. I hate it! The other job I will only do about once/twice a year is cleaning the oven! I have a self-cleaning oven too, but I hate the burnt smell that it sends throughout the house. I do have a tip for cleaning your microwave... spray it down with Windex, turn it on for about 10 seconds, open the door and wipe it down. It will just wipe clean. If there is a spot that is not wiping clean easily, repeat until it does. I have never had anything in there that took more than two cycles of this to get clean. It is amazing!

Doug Hibbard on Friday, 12 June, 2009 said...

I loved this post! I actually hate housecleaning altogether. The things to keep the house running - dishes, laundry, etc - are the ones I have to really psych myself up to do! But, I do them. I love my family, so I do them. Such is life! :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages on Friday, 12 June, 2009 said...

I'm with you: Man's job to take care of trash and yard.

I don't clean ceiling fans either. But neither does my husband. (!!)

I hate cleaning the oven. Ugh. And I hate washing out trash cans if the bag leaks. Double UGH.

Jobs I put off: hanging clothes. I don't mind washing and drying, folding and sorting...but I don't like hanging. Hm.

And I don't like paying bills. Property taxes? Didn't we just pay those? Psha.

Mandy on Friday, 12 June, 2009 said...

Stacie, I'll be sure to pass the cool microwave cleaning tip to clayton. ;)

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