Saturday, August 02, 2008

Need Urgent Prayers

Posted by Mandy at 3:16 PM
A couple that we are friends with just delivered their baby today at only 27 weeks gestation due to the mother becoming eclamptic. Mother had to be put under general anesthesia for emergency csection where it was discovered the placenta was already 75% abrupted. Due to blood loss, baby had a rough start, but is now reported as stable. Anyone that knows anything about babies and pregnancy realizes how incredibly early 27 weeks is to deliver a baby. Thankfully, the doctors had diagnosed her as preeclampic a while ago and administered steroid shots for the baby's lung development "just in case." From what I understand the mother is still out from the surgery and is unaware of what all has happened. PLEASE pray for this family. The baby, mother, and father. I cannot imagine what a hard road they have for the next two months. Doctors saying to expect it to be October before baby can come home, since that was his due date. Again, please, stop reading and pray RIGHT NOW. I will update on them when I hear more news.


Shelley on Saturday, 02 August, 2008 said...

Jordan is a 29 weeker, Karsyn 31. They do tell you to expect them to be there till their due date, but mine weren't. Jordan was there from Jan 4 - Feb 3. That's it. She did WAAAAY better than Karsyn did, although Karsyn weighed more. (Of course Karsyn had endured 5.5 weeks of contractions that were 5 mins apart, too, and was totally worn out) I will keep them in my prayers. I am one of the few that can say I know how she feels, and it is a HORRIBLE, helpless feeling :(

Mandy on Sunday, 03 August, 2008 said...

Thank you, Shelley. It is extra sad b/c they struggled with infertility for YEARS... they tried so hard to get pg.. it seems unfair that this is the pg/delivery they got. :( Not that it's fair for anyone!

Shelley on Tuesday, 05 August, 2008 said...

any word? I have had this family in my head and heart since I read this

Mandy on Tuesday, 05 August, 2008 said...

No new news... hoping Clayton heard something today. I will update when we hear anything! I'm hoping the old saying, "no news is good news," applies here.

Ana on Wednesday, 06 August, 2008 said...

I will definately pray for this family. If you get a chance let us know how they are doing. Thanks for sharing this so we can lift them up in prayer.

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