Monday, June 02, 2008

School's Out!

Posted by Mandy at 11:46 AM
At the blissful hour of 7:00am I opened my eyes to realize that it is Monday morning, and I am still in bed. I then realized that what had awoken me was Samuel's sweet babbling coming from the baby monitor. I hear Clayton's voice come over the monitor, telling him good morning and playing peek-a-boo, Samuel's favorite game to play in the crib. After being brought my sweet little guy for our favorite early morning, snuggle-up close, nursing session, I remembered that it is indeed, now 7:15, Monday morning, and I am still in bed. SCHOOL IS OUT!

To celebrate the first official day of summer, I let the kids indulge in a sinful bowl of chocolate puffs with marshmallows cereal for breakfast. I joined them and I even gave Sam a bite or two. Though the house was a disaster from having so many good friends over last night, we left our bowls on the table, put our shoes on with our PJ's, and headed out the back door. It was time to let our new puppies out to play. (I'll blog on them soon, with pictures) We leashed them up, put samuel in the stroller, and headed out for an early morning walk. The boy puppy is the more active, but the more submissive. He walks lovely on a leash already. The girl pup is much more calm, but much more bossy. She is content to be drug for at least half of her walk, before she finally submits and walks at my side. (I am the pack leader, I am the pack leader.)
Thank you Cesar Millan. A.K.A The Dog Whisperer

After our walk with the pups and many a minutes spent romping outside and removing Samuel from the water bowl, we came in to just be lazy. We built castles with blocks, read books, had a quick clean-up time, and then the kids got to go play those terribly brain deforming video games while I did some writing. It was lovely.

Lunch time came and we had pizza with a side of carrot sticks and pineapples (I'm TRYING to make pizza healthy) and after our food settled I set outside to tackle the water slide. My dear responcible husband always puts it away, all rolled up, in the storage building. I, personally, do not care if the grass dies "in that spot" and would rather keep it there all summer long to avoid hauling the oh so heavy thing around the yard each day.

Once assembled, I spent an hour sliding with the kids while Samuel played in the puddles of water that collected on the tarp around the slide. I came in to put little man down for a nap while the big kids continues to climb and slide for another hour. I sense movies and naps in the near future.

This evening we have Madison's 4th softball game. We are responcible for the drinks this go round... amazingly I remembered. The boys get to play in the dirt while our sweet girl swings, hits, and runs on the field. She makes me so proud.

Though the heat is almost unbearable at times, there is just no season I'd rather be in than summer. Fun in the sun, tank tops and flip-flops, icies and hotdogs... it just doesn't get any better than this.


Sugar-n-Spice on Wednesday, 04 June, 2008 said...

i love summer, too! ;) and i love hearing about your day!

....pups? in plural? .....are you kidding me?

Mandy on Saturday, 07 June, 2008 said...

lol nope.. we got two puppies!! They're 8 weeks old now.. beagle mixes. SUPER cute! You guys have to come out and see them!

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