Thursday, May 08, 2008


Posted by Mandy at 1:57 PM
Thursday of last week we had softball practice. Madison's doing great and Samuel's contently sitting on my lap. Carter's playing nicely with the other kids a bit aways from me, but well within sight. Suddenly, one of the moms comes to me and says, "I'm guessing you didn't realize that's poison ivy he's picking over there...." Umm.. yeah.. I definitely didn't realize that. I rush him to the church bathroom (that's thankfully letting us practice on their lot) and scrub him down. I pray that keeps him safe from the terrible itch that is poison ivy's signature. My prayer worked! A week later, he has not ONE bump or rash from the ivy... me, however.. not so lucky. I literally have it from my neck - down. I've never had poison ivy this badly in my life! I can't even sleep from the constant itching... this must be how I felt when I had chicken pox in kindergarten. I took Carter for his 4yr checkup today (he's still a big boy.. 90% for weight and height... he got three shots and was SO brave.. he got a clean bill of health!) and when the doctor walked in she took one look at me and she nearly laughed but yet was obviously concerned. Yeah, it's okay.. I know it's bad. She informed me that with a case as bad as I have I would likely keep it for several weeks, perhaps months, from reinfecting myself. Great! She wrote me a rx for some steriod pills that should have me all cleared up. Problem is I have to take them for two weeks... meaning that for the next two weeks, according to the doc, I can expect sleepless nights b/c I"ll be wired, a cranky baby that also won't sleep b/c I'm still nursing.. but the good side is I'll have ample energy to deal with the cranky baby that won't sleep. Maybe the house work I've been putting off thanks to PMS will get done while I'm unable to sleep. 2am could possibly be a delightful time to mop! If I was able i'd post a picture to show off my lovely rash... you'd all be impressed with what I was able to pull off just by washing the poison ivy off of my little boy.. you would think I was the one picking it like flowers. But, at least Carter escaped it! There's the silver lining! :)


Shelley on Friday, 09 May, 2008 said...

sounds like something Karsyn would do

Maury on Saturday, 10 May, 2008 said... literally took the pain away from your child! Bless your heart!

K.T. is Mommatude on Thursday, 15 May, 2008 said...

Wow,that is awful!!!!You poor thing..that is really bad!

Jaxen is highly allergic to both poison oak and ivy,so when he was little I did some research on what it looked like,because I didnt know and then I taught all of them what it looks like,so they run away from it now.My mom is also severely allergic,I just get the typical breakout but Jamie,nothing happens to him at all!!!

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