Friday, November 02, 2007

Sleeping In

Posted by Mandy at 3:32 PM
Since Clayton is still on nights I've been taking full advantage of him being home in the mornings. This morning he got up with all of the kids around 7:30am and I got to "sleep in" until around 9am. (yeah.. seriously!) My question is.. is it really "sleeping in" if you're up every hour from 4am until 9am and you finally decide to just get up at 9am rather than try to sleep? And, you didn't go to bed until around midnight that night? (Samuel was SO much fun last night... ) Just wondering... because when I crawled into the living room this morning, Clayton asked if it felt good to "sleep in" this morning... and I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. It's amazing how even being in bed for that long... you can still sleep so little! Thankfully we've had a GREAT day today. Samuel and Carter spent around 5 minutes straight just laughing hysterically back and forth at each other... it was so sweet!! That's the first time that's happened... there's that "brotherly love" I guess! Sam's not been napping well today... so I'm praying he's saving it up to sleep many many hours tonight... wish me luck!


Shelley on Saturday, 03 November, 2007 said...

You are going to have to let me keep those kiddos so you can have a night out!!

Maury Draper on Saturday, 03 November, 2007 said...

Sleep, oh how I love sleep...... I remember those days too....that is one thing I don't miss about mine being little, I did not do well getting up all night long!

And, in my opinion....even if it might be nice to get to stay in the bed until 9, it don't really help much when you didn't have much sleep!

silly me on Sunday, 04 November, 2007 said...

i have no comment for this post!!!!

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