Thursday, October 04, 2007

My boys

Posted by Mandy at 1:07 PM


Mommatude on Thursday, 04 October, 2007 said...

That boy looks just like Madison to me!TOOOOOO ADORABLE!

Maury Draper on Friday, 05 October, 2007 said...

Oh how cute!! Carter has the cutest smile!!!

(I wish you could have come with Suzanne! We need to figure out how we can plan that!)

H3Dakota said...

Aw, they just melt your heart, don't they?! :) Cool beans on the blog, I didn't know you had one. *grin*

Allison on Saturday, 06 October, 2007 said...

What a cute picture!

Mandy on Saturday, 06 October, 2007 said...

Thanks for commenting, Angela!

Alli on Saturday, 06 October, 2007 said... cute. I can't believe y'all have three kids now! You need a family shot up on this thing.

Just saying hi!

(Allison C. from PB)

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