Monday, June 25, 2007


Posted by Mandy at 12:01 PM

Carter finally asked to hold Samuel a few days ago. He's only wanted to hold him once since then but it was nice to actually get a picture of the two boys together. I've yet to get one of all three kids together... Carter isn't into sitting still for things like that. When I have more energy I am going to take them all outside and hopefully I'll get some good ones that way.

We took Samuel for his one week checkup last week, on Wednesday. He was 7 pounds 10 ounces when we left the hospital and Wednesday he was back up to 7lbs 15oz... I'm excited to see what he'll weigh this wednesday when we go back. He kept me up ALL night last night eating so I'm guessing this is his first growth spurt and he'll start packing on the pounds from here on out. It's pretty exhausting... but I'm hopeful in a few days he'll settle down and be back to his usual good sleeping self. (praying that is...)

The kids have Vacation Bible School this week and the first night was yesterday. They had such a good time. I'll have to take my camera and get some pictures to share. Carter refused to dress up in costume but he did at least participate in the singing, dancing, and other activities. They have a group just for the little kids so they don't have to sit through the lessons and such... great idea! The kids were totally exhausted when we got home from it, which was another bonus. Easiest bedtime ever! Carter did get up at 5am this morning for some reason though... and at 2pm he's STILL awake.. I'm not sure how he'll make it through VBS tonight. We may have to drop Madison off and just keep the boys at home. I think us being there last night stressed Sam too... I do think it contributed to his really awful night last night. He doesn't seem to enjoy being held for some reason.. at least not for hours on end like he was last night. Each time we've had company and he's held a lot he is really fussy the rest of the night. Who'd have thought I'd end up with a kid that does BETTER laying in his own bed? Hopefully keeping him home and in his usual routine will let our night go better tonight. One can hope!


K.T. on Monday, 25 June, 2007 said...

So sweet.My kids always got really fussy after having played "pass the potato" as my family lovingly calls it.

Lou Arnold on Monday, 25 June, 2007 said...

Can't say that for my kids. They do better when people are holding them and paying attention to them. Kaylee was held constantly at Family Camp, she loved it.

Hope your night goes better.

suzanne on Tuesday, 26 June, 2007 said...

"pass the potato" too funny, k.t.!

i love the pic, girl and can't wait to see you guys again soon!

chickadee on Friday, 29 June, 2007 said...

he's so sweet! congratulations.

Lee Ann James on Sunday, 01 July, 2007 said...

great picture! your boys look so good! We need to see you guys soon!

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