Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey... You're Six!

Posted by Mandy at 10:15 AM

I cannot believe my little Carter Man is six years old. This post is pretty late seeing as how his birthday was May 1. Better late than never!

This is Carter after one of his baseball games. He loves playing ball! Then again, Carter loves everything. Really. Ask him.

Carter, you are growing up to be the most loving child on the planet. I would have never guessed that you would be so affectionate, compassionate, and full of empathy for others. Your heart is so sensitive. If you even think you're about to get into trouble, or upset someome, you burst into tears and start apologizing.
"I accidentally knocked that cup over and spilled my juice everywhere!" (tears flowing)
"Carter, it's okay! Just clean it up."

I often joke that people must wonder what his awful punishments at home are for him to react to such simple things like that. That's just him! He is such a "pleaser" and really gets upset if he thinks he's done something upsetting. Poor guy, he puts way too much pressure on himself.

His first year of Kindergarten is now pretty much over - his last day is Friday. I cannot believe that he's not gotten into trouble even once this entire year. Not once. Carter... not once. That's crazy! He's a good kid at home, but he definitely is a normal little boy. He can be just insanely silly and rowdy and rough. I am so thankful that he's already learned how to have self control, and when it is appropriate to act that way and when it is not. (well, most of the time...)

One of my favorite things about Carter is how sharing and giving he is. I can't recall a time that he's gotten upset over someone playing with his favorite toys, or taking turns, or giving up something so a guest could be treated well. Not in a long time anyway. He overhead me telling Clayton that I don't see us taking any foster children that are boys over the age of 1, because they'd have to be in the same room with Carter and  Samuel, and how on earth would we fit anyone else in there. I mentioned that "that probably wouldn't be fair to Carter." Carter replied, "I like sharing my room!" That boy.. he really does. He hates to ever be alone, and thankfully, in this house, he never is.

Carter is a great reader and writer, and his art skills are always improving. His focus in incredible, yet he never takes ANYTHING very seriously. Everyone on our team giggles when Carter is up to bat. He hits the ball, and runs, laughing hysterically, around each base. He never cares if they win or lose. He's just happy to be there. What I wouldn't give for his attitude and personality! He just rolls with he punches.

Being such a happy boy, Carter is quite the popular guy. He has so many friends it just blows my mind. He's always so fun to play with, mainly because he's always to stop what he's doing in order to make his friend happy by playing something else. I think his great people skills will take him far in life. He's already such an awesome encourager. He's the first to say "it's okay" to someone, or to find the bright side of a situation. I don't think he has any real understanding as to why kids and people get upset over silly things, but when he sees them upset, he definitely wants to come to their rescue. "I'll make you better!" is probably what his brain is always shouting. His daddy says it's because he's the middle child... and that middle children are just by nature the best. (and the fact that his daddy is also the middle child has nothing to do with this theory, I'm sure.)

Oh, Carter. I cannot express my pride and my love for you. You always amaze me, and you make life so much fun! Thank you for being a laugh a minute, for being so sweet, for wrapping your arms around me each day and saying,"You're the BEST mommy!" I don't know how I got so lucky to be given you as my son, but I am so very, very thankful.


Reagan on Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 said...

Awwwwwwww! Happy be-lated birthday to him and bravo to you and your hubby (because I'm sure quality parenting fits in there somewhere!)

Mom said...

I love the pics! He is so very handsome even after ball games. Yes I agree with his Daddy - he is a middle child- WE are the pleasers, the dependable ones, the "don't forget me" kids. From one middle child to another - Carter you are a blessing and your Nanna loves you with all her heart!

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