Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tball.. here we come!

Posted by Mandy at 1:10 PM
Madison had her first Tball pract. yesterday! It was so cute!!! She is one of only 3 girls on her team.. the girls all huddled together like they were trying to protect each other from the boys all around. They just worked on catching with their gloves, and stepping and throwing the ball. I hope they'll get to do hitting and base running tonight because madison got a little bored and even said she didn't really want to go back again. Coach better get some fun going quick! We've spent the money so she's is so going to play! Just got to buy her belt, socks, and pants for her uniform.. oh, and cleates. I can't wait to see her in her uniform.. it'll be so darn cute! OKay, I have really turned into one of 'those' moms. Every new thing my kids do I consider just absolutely wonderful and want to tell everyone! When Madison would throw the ball correctly I kept turning to the mom next to me and saying "oh did you see that?!" Thankfully she had 4 kids with her (all under the age of 6) and she's 10 weeks pg.. so she was equally as giddy about all her kids were doing. Then today at "playgroup" (which consisted of Suzanne's crew and me and Carter) everytime Carter listened to what i was asking of him and minded I'd cheer and ask Suzanne, "Oh did you see that?! He really is minding me!!" I know that she understands why this is so amazing because she has three kids... so one of them is bound to be the one that's a little more difficult to get through to.
We have to do Tball stuff again tonight... and then I have parenting group at church (love it!!) so we're in for a long and exhausting night but I am so looking forward to it! Still dreading my ob/gyn appt I have on the 14th... so be praying for my peace on that please. I need it!


Kristy on Tuesday, 04 April, 2006 said...

wish i had been at playgroup with you guys. sorry! this week is crazy busy for someone who has taken the last couple of months off from everything. i always tend to be all or nothing and right now it's ALL (except playgroup, oops!)

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